We are gearing up to take new wholesale customers! Please note that due to high demand we are only able to accept a few new sellers at this time. Now is a great time to get started to prepare for the holidays!

We offer wholesale Luxury Candles, Diffusers, and body care. Including our new HNY body oil that we can't keep in stock! As all of our products are hand crafted availability may vary. If you are interested in joining our Wholesale program please review the details below, and if you feel you will be a good fit we encourage you to APPLY HERE. We will review your application and reach out with out final decision. 


In order to purchase our products at wholesale prices, you must be a legal business owner with an online store and/or brick and mortar store. You must have a valid tax ID or resale number that allows you to purchase products wholesale. We will verify all of this information when you apply to be a wholesale customer. Other things we take into consideration in our approval process are reviews for your business, and social media presence. Don't worry we are not looking for a large following, we want to make sure your content is within our guidelines. 


Our minimum initial wholesale purchase amount varies based on the items you choose. Minimum wholesale orders start $1000. This price excludes shipping/handling costs. Retail discounts, sales or special offers (including, but not limited to, FREE Shipping offers) do not apply to our wholesale orders.


We offer a flexible tired pricing program that will allow you to mix and match your product selection to reach the $1000 first order minimum. 


Wholesale orders are made to order, and time can vary based on demand. We work hard to get the orders our as quickly as possible. 


As an approved seller, you are required to sell our products at the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). Retail prices as published on BlkSunflower.com. Sales are permitted with prior approval to be submitted at wholesale@blksunflower.com


All sales are final. It is the buyer's responsibility to know what will sell in his or her store and you assume this responsibility when you place your order. Sorry, no "buy-backs" or returns.