How to Start a Candle Business with $150 in 2024

How to Start a Candle Business with $150 in 2024


In the ever-evolving landscape of candle business in 2024, launching a candle venture has taken on a new twist. While my business journey might have begun with $150 in the past, the changing times suggest starting with much more—I recommend at least $1000. This budget will be strategically allocated to essential supplies, basic marketing efforts, and a small yet impactful initial product line. Now, don't let this deter you, because in this series, I will tell you exactly what I would do to start a successful candle venture if I were to start over now.

This method will work for more than just candles because we are using candles to enhance a passion. I am going to show you how to infuse something you love with the captivating world of fragrance.

The key is to choose a passion you're genuinely enthusiastic about and knowledgeable in. I'm not here to help you create another side hustle. I'm talking long-term recurring revenue. Playing the long game requires sustained interest and expertise; otherwise, your business venture might fizzle out quickly.

Something I love and am passionate about is health and fitness. I would use platforms like TikTok and YouTube to leverage my expertise and share high-quality facts and tips about fitness. I would begin to build a community around this passion. This involves not only cultivating a social media following, but also extending the community off social media. Generously sharing valuable, free information. The days of expecting a project to sell without community engagement are long gone.

As the community grows, I'd curate content that aligns with my fitness philosophy and offers solutions to community concerns. A free workout program, with a focus on stretching, to alleviate common issues caused by a sedentary lifestyle, would be a valuable addition—an issue that I know plagues many individuals.

I would continue to create quality and engaging content. The most engaging posts could be turned into ads, inviting people to join the community and access the free workout program. I would keep growing the community by offering free access until I reached 200-300 individuals. I would then convert it to a low-cost paid offering.

The next crucial step is identifying problems within your specialty that you can solve and somehow incorporate the business world. For example, I might delve into the importance of stretching or tackle the persistent issue of gym odors. Success hinges on addressing a genuine problem. Taking a unique business approach, I would combine fitness and relaxation. Introducing a candle line named "Revive Studios," these candles are designed to enhance the post-workout stretching experience for health-conscious individuals. They not only help in winding down after a workout but also come in sprays to combat gym bag odors.

By seamlessly integrating the importance of post-workout relaxation into my candle line, I create a unique niche that caters to health-conscious consumers seeking a holistic fitness experience.

Now, let's explore how you, as an aspiring business owner, can infuse fragrance into various passions. Here's a list of 20 things you can be an expert in that can convert into the selling of candles or other fragrance products. Listen, anyone can become an expert in anything if you take the time to study and learn.

  1. Home Decor and Styling Enthusiast: Curate scents that complement different home aesthetics.
  2. Seasonal Trends in Business: Create fragrances that align with seasonal changes and holidays for thoughtful gifts.
  3. Wellness and Self-Care Advocate: Develop candles that enhance relaxation and self-care routines for mindful living.
  4. Outdoor Adventure Aficionado: Craft scents inspired by nature and outdoor experiences, catering to the adventurous spirit.
  5. Book Lover Entrepreneur: Design candles inspired by popular book genres or specific novels for the literary community.
  6. Travel Enthusiast Innovator: Capture the essence of various destinations in your candle scents, appealing to wanderlust.
  7. Foodie Expert for Business: Infuse candle scents reminiscent of favorite cuisines or desserts, attracting the culinary crowd.
  8. Yoga and Meditation Devotee: Create calming scents perfect for meditation and yoga sessions, targeting the wellness-focused individual.
  9. Vintage Collectibles Connoisseur: Craft fragrances inspired by different eras or collectible items, appealing to the nostalgic soul.
  10. Fitness and Health Advocate: Develop candles tailored for post-workout relaxation, aligning with a healthy lifestyle.
  11. Coffee Connoisseur for Business: Capture the aromas of different coffee blends in your candles, catering to the coffee-loving individual.
  12. Music Lover Innovator: Design candles that reflect the mood and ambiance of various music genres, attracting the music-loving soul.
  13. Mindfulness Practices Promoter: Craft scents that promote mindfulness and tranquility, appealing to the mindful individual.
  14. Art and Creativity Enthusiast: Express artistic themes through visually appealing and aromatic candles, targeting the creative soul.
  15. Gardening and Botany Buff: Create fragrances inspired by different flowers and plants, appealing to the nature lover.
  16. Minimalism Supporter: Craft simple, clean-scented candles appealing to minimalistic preferences, targeting the minimalist soul.
  17. DIY and Crafting Enthusiast: Develop candles that align with popular DIY and crafting trends, appealing to the crafty individual.
  18. Tech Enthusiast for Business: Create modern and tech-inspired scents for a unique twist, attracting the tech-savvy soul.
  19. Fashion and Style Innovator: Design candles inspired by fashion trends and color palettes, catering to the style-conscious individual.
  20. Culinary Adventures Explorer: Infuse scents reminiscent of diverse culinary experiences around the world, appealing to the food-loving spirit.

If you have already started your business journey and are struggling, it's never too late to reassess where you are at and start building your business community. I invite you to follow along with the blog series as I help you create a successful business the new way. Next, we will dive into the creation of the full business and product development.

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